Central Supply aggregates mason yellow sand

Mason Yellow Sand

Popular masonry sand valued for its smooth and consistent performance wildly use by masons and landscapers. Our yellow sand is a washed and screened with distinctive golden yellow in color.
This aggregate is typically used for the blocks, brick installation and mortar work, laid under swimming pool liners, pour in playgrounds sandboxes or volleyball courts.
Central Supply aggregates mason brown sand

Mason Brown Sand

As yellow sand, brown is popular among masons who prefer mixing their mortars at the job sites. It is a preferred sand for mixing with Portland cement or create brick joints to modify individual mortar color.
It is perfect to use as a base layer for laying bricks or paving stones for or patios or driveways. Small particles size allows it to effortlessly fill into the joints between the paving stone or flagging. Brown sand is also washed and screened through a slotted screen to separate particles in the desired range of sizes to meet ASTMC 144 regulation


Central Supply aggregates concrete sand

Concrete Sand

Designed mainly for use as a fine aggregate in ready-mix concrete applications and asphalt production but is washed and screened to a larger grit than any masonry sand.
It can be also used for filing excavated areas or foundations bedding.   


Central Supply white sand

White Sand

Used widely by masons, brick and block manufacturers for its highly attractive white color.  Masons are using this aggregate to achieve lighter mortar joints in bricks or blocks work, but also can be used in children’s sandboxes, paver bedding, paver joints,  volleyball courts, animals pits and is used in sand traps at golf courses.


Central Supply 3/8 gravel

3/8" Gravel

3/8″ gravel, sometimes called " Pea Gravel" is a finer blend of crushed stone. This aggregate is generally used for mixing with sand and cement to create concrete surfaces also walkways, driveways and areas with poor drainage. It is extremely popular in the landscaping applications. 3/8″ gravel can also be used to make precast concrete.
Central Supply 3/8 gravel

3/4" Gravel

3/4" Gravel is intended primarily for use as a coarse aggregate in heavy duty ready-mix concretes, this crushed stone is also often spread as a drainage layer under slabs or French drains pipes. Very often an be also use as decorative landscaping material. This aggregate is the most common material in construction industry today , virtually everything we build around us includes 3/4" gravel.  
Central Supply Quarry Process Stone

Quarry Process Stone 

Quarry Process Stone is a mix of stone dust and 3/4" crushed stone. Can be composited of different types of natural stone: granite, gneiss, trap rock, we call it  QP.
Central Supply Stone Dust

Stone Dust 

Darker, coarser version of sand we called stone dust. It is produced by running stones through a crushing machine to make the crushed aggegates.
Stone dust is is much easier to grade and work than sand, that' why is used as the final base and setting bed in many pavers projects, patios, hardscape blocks, walkways and driveways.
Compacted stone dust contains very fine mineral aggregates, it forms a hard,dense surface which creates convenient stage for workers to directly walk on it and install flagging stones, bricks or pavers without any concerns.
Because stone dust is reach in minerals it is very popular among gardeners providing nutrients for growing many garden vegetables. Is also used in stables and horse riding areas.
Central Supply Dump Truck

Central Supply 

Located in Northern New Jersey, we deliver locally to Passaic County, Bergen County, Morris County, Essex County, Hudson County and Sussex County, but our boom trucks can deliver palletized materials directly to the job sites everywhere in Tri–State area. For hard to reach job sites, we have our Forklift/Piggyback trucks on standby.
Our dump trucks can deliver bulk aggregates up to 20 yds.

To pick up construction aggregates by contractors or homeowners please visit our yard in Passaic, NJ.
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