Fortus Square Foot

Introducing Fortus Square Foot™ Retaining Wall System

 Fortus Square Foot™ Retaining Wall System…..REIMAGINED
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The Fortus Square Foot™ method changes the way retaining walls are designed and built.
This new Libert Stone system due to its original SecureLug™ changeable Connection method combines strong, precast concrete with incredible ease of installation and it is ideal for all projects from residential landscaping to commercial constructions. Beautiful and individual color blends are unrivaled in the industry and feature a just right combination of beauty and strength. This system allows you to use limitless creativity when building curves, corners, and angles as well as a setback or near-vertical walls.
Fortus Square Foot
  • Ultra-light weight for better shipping and handling
  • Variable SecureLug™ Connection for vertical wall installation
  • Recessed “hand-holds” allow for the every wall element to be installed with amazing ease
  • Improved vertical drainage through the retaining walls
  • Tough and dependable links between units and geosynthetic reinforcement

Fortus SecureLug™
Fortus Square Foot Colors

Fortus Square Foot Units

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