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Central Supply | mason yard in the heart of Tri-state metropolitan area

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Masonry yard | Central Supply

Central Supply, masonry yard as a family own business is servicing contractors in the metropolitan tri-state area since 1913!
Current owner Benjamin Denise Sr. purchased it in 1982 and since then our wholesale/retail store is staidly growing to supply the best and affordable building materials to our customers. Builders, contractors, and even home owners are visiting us every day to purchase cement, retailing wall blocks, pavers, natural and cultured stone, limestone and bluestone treads. In recent years we became one of the biggest in Northern New Jersey distribution center for the major manufacturers in North America.
Central Supply is a master distributor for natural and cultured stone produced by giants in the industry like Eldorado Stone, Stonecraft, Natural Stone Solutions or QuarryCut.
We also have always in stock beautiful limestone products quarried in Indiana from pristine deposits only found in this part of Mid West. Bluestone treads, caps and sills are coming from eastern Pennsylvania used in patios, walkways, and stair treads architectural stone and sidewalks.
As a part of Central Supply masonry yard operation, we established 10 years ego stucco division | Central Stucco | which service all stucco contractors in NJ & NY area.
We are expanding our business constantly, four years ago Sparta Block became our sister company servicing masonry supplies in Western part of New Jersey, predominantly Sussex, Morris and Warren Counties.
Our 3 acres facility incorporates large indoor warehouse and easily accessible customer parking lot located just next to our main office entrance.

Looking back retrospectively, our history proved, that steady growth, excellent customer service, product affordability and knowledge of the industry gave us huge customer base all over New Jersey, New York and beyond. Visit us at 261 Central Ave Passaic, NJ for any building material products you may need.

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