Stone veneer flats and corners

Choosing the right stone veneer

Central Supply always keeps in stock a large inventory of different types of stone veneer. Our customers from Northern NJ can pick up this material at the main yard in Passaic New Jersey or from our sister company Sparta Block if you are located in North Western part of Garden State.
Choosing the right veneer for your projects is not so easy task this day, so many variates and manufacturers are present on the market today, that decision making while purchasing right stone can be a challenging task.
There are basically two categories of stone veneer, natural and man-made, sometimes called cultured stone or manufactured stone.


Full stone veneers are usually the best option, referred as 4-inch veneers, this product is the best what nature can offer with unmatched beauty, longevity, and strength.



If you looking for to add beauty and value of the property, the thin stone veneer is a solution! It is easy to use and install because of lightweight and size there is no need for a footing.

Other properties that low maintenance, durability, and hardness but the greatest advantage, it is much more economical than full stone veneer.



Cultured stone veneers are cast man-made stone with lightweight durable cement which offers many benefits over the real stone. In most cases, they are less expensive alternatives to natural stone veneers but are built to last with low cost and easy installation. They do not need any foundation and can be installed on wood frames, masonry walls or metal structures. New technologies in recent years allowed manufacturers of cultured stones to make designs of molds and colors selection so good that they look like natural stone and only real experts would be able to point the difference which one is which.

Then the only disadvantage is that exposure to certain chemicals may damage or discolor stone surface, so it is not recommended to use this type of products in areas like swimming pools or where harsh chemicals are present.   

Central Supply as a master distributor of ELDORADO STONE and STONECRAFT which are one of the best names on the market today in North America, can proudly serve our customers with the best selection and quality products available at our Passaic New Jersey and Sparta Block yards.