Stone veneer flats and corners

Stone veneers are mostly used as a decorative and protective layer for many exterior and interior vertical walls in today's building industry. The veneer outside thickness is typically 1 1/4 to 1 1/2 inch with an average weight of 10 to 15 lbs/sq.ft.

veneers natural stone

All ancient civilizations constructed the oldest buildings with natural stone like granite, limestone or marble.
In most cases, stone structure's represents protection, safety, symbolic power and are often the main reminder of the past civilizations who were wipe out from the surface of the planet but the stones structures still exist.
In summary, nothing compares to the traditional beauty of natural stone veneers because each piece is unique, manually selected and cut, it offers an unparalleled versatility of design, so beautify your home with natural stone veneer!
Central Supply carries many types of natural stone veneers from a variety of different well-known manufacturers in the United States. 
Below is the list of our best suppliers. 

stone veneers from Natural Stone SolutionsNatural Stone Solutions™ (NSS)

Natural Stone Solutions™ (NSS) thin stone veneers  are manufactured by Geo. Schofield Co. Inc
Schofield Stone was founded in 1923, and over the past decades has earned a reputation for consistency, honesty, and reliability. This company quarry, fabricates and sell natural stone veneer products in NJ, PA, NC, GA, and TN

QuarryCut stone veneer at Central SupplyQuarryCut Natural Stone Veneer

QuarryCut has been established in 1998 in Parker Ford Pennsylvania and since then manufacturers all locally sourced stone veneers with beautiful varieties of color and shapes.

 They distribute stone throughout the East Coast and as far away as West Coast and many places in between.  

Burlington Stone veneer Glen-Gery Burlington StoneBurlington stone veneer

Burlington Stone by Glen- Gery is one of the biggest importers of natural stone veneer materials in North America. Burlington materials bring the unique colors from around the world and distribute them as a stepped panels, matted flagstones, columns and wall caps.

Champlain Stone logo

  Champlain Stone, Ltd.

Champlain Stone Ltd. has been a major supplier of natural stone veneer and landscaping stone since 1982. Located in the Adirondack Mountains, they manufature natural thin veneer stone quarried from they own quarries created by Mother Nature millions of years ego.

  R Stone Products     R Stone Logo Banner

R Stone Products have been quarried all over New England for over three decades. This is a superior quality stone veneer representing typical geological characteristics of North East of United States. 

Life's Tile & Stone

lifetile quarry
 Lifestile and stone

Life's Tile & Stone is a direct importer and wholesaler of the best quality natural stone in northern New Jersey. They are stocking premium grade marble and travertine quarried and fabricated directly in Turkey. These materials are available for both interiors and exteriors applications. Life's Tile & Stone offers tiles, mosaics, borders, medallions, pencils, ogees, sinks, saddles, shelves, pavers, pool copings, treads and stone veneers. 



Marmiro Stone LogoMarmiro marble
Marmiro Stones, Inc. is a Turkey base distributor of natural stone since 1959. The company is family owned and operates they own three factories conveniently placed near their quarries in Turkey.