Retaining Wall Geogrid

SRW Geogrid is composed of high-molecular weight, high-tenacity multi-filament polyester yarns that are woven into a stable network placed under tension and coated with PVC.


  • Adds strength and longevity to retaining walls
  • Provides excellent stress transfer
  • Helps prevent premature wall failure
  • Easy to handle roll sizes


  • Retaining Walls
  • Steep Slopes
Universal – Walls up to 6′
3 Series – Walls up to 10′
5-11 Series – Walls up to 15’
SRW Universal Bi-Directional :4’ x 50’ Rolls
SRW 3 Series Bi-directional :6’ x 50’ rolls
SRW 5 Series Uni-directional Heavy Duty :6’ x 150’ roll
SRW 7 Series Uni-directional Heavy Duty : 6’ x 50’

  • Follow the installation instructions supplied with the retaining wall system. Including foundation preparation, block alignment, core filling, drainage rock placement, backfill placement, and compaction
  • Backfill must be compacted and level with the top of the retaining block course prior to installation of geogrids. The geogrid should start near the face of the block and remain in one continuous piece to the back of the reinforced soil mass (no splicing). ­Butt together at edges —DO NOT overlap g­eogrid.
  • Place the next course of block on top of the geogrid.
  • Eliminate any folds or looseness in the geogrid by pulling tight and staking at the back.
  • Backfill and compact the soil to 95% standard proctor. Always backfill and compact one course of block at a time. Keep an adequate cushion of soil between the geogrid and equipment.
  • Repeat process until retaining wall is completed.
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