Sika Grout 212

Sika Grout ® 212 is both non-metallic and chloride-free. It compensates for shrinkage in a two-phase formulation. It provides the benefits of varying fluidity within a single product.

‍Basic Use:

The main purpose is to structural grouting base plates of the column, device base plates, anchor rods or bearing plates. This product can be used above and below grade, on grade and also indoors or outdoor. Thanks to multiple fluidity sika grout 212 can be applied by trowel or pump and also can be ram in place as a dry stock.


  • Easy to apply...just add water.
  • Changeable fluidity with one product.
  • Will not blemish or rust because is non-metallic.
  • Little bleed.
  • Small heat build-up.
  • Outstanding for pumping: Does not separate...even at high flow. Doesn't increase build-up on concrete equipment.
  • Non-corrosive does not contain chlorides.
  • Great freeze/thaw resistance.
  • Resistant to oil and water.
  • SikaGrout 212 is USDA-approved.

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Concrete gray


50-lb bag

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