Stucco Finishes

The LaHabra stucco system offers over 100 standard colors. Colors are not standard, however, and we’re able to match any color you specify. Central Stucco’s Color and Sample Lab makes sure that you get any custom color you imagine. 

Color is crucial for every architectural design — it influences how we react and feel. Exterior colors help you make the statement you want for your building — home or office.

LaHabra’s high-end color system increases the range of color options. The LaHabra Color Fast Pigment System blends 16 high quality pigments for high performance, bright colors, durability, fading resistance, and opacity.

LaHabra stucco products are also environmentally friendly; they are formulated without VOC and APEO.


LaHabra provides a range of finishes for its stucco systems. 

  • Cementitious — These high value, textured finishes provide reliable durability and fire-resistance.

  • Acrylic — LaHabra acrylic finish is a decorative and protective coating — it provide the final coat for many substrates — EIFS, stucco, masonry, concrete.

Acrylic Stucco finishes are economical and easily installed. They’re weather resistant and include fade-resistant colors.

For more information, call Central Stucco — 973-777-0515 ext. 2.

On-screen colors may vary from actual product. Make your ultimate selection based on a sample.

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